is a featured product of ClearTarget Media that has helped thousands of students achieve their education and career goals. Launched in 2012, provides insight into more than 200 online and career focused institutions.

More Information Visit is a featured healthcare product of ClearTarget Media. Launched in 2014, provides state based education, certification, and career information for prospective ultrasound technicians.

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What We Do

ClearTarget Media is an internet media and marketing company that helps companies reach their target audience through a variety of web-based products. We are dedicated to helping our clients build better and long-lasting relationships with consumers. We specialize in the education vertical by providing well-researched and accurate information for individuals seeking to further their education and career goals. Our featured education products provide prospective students with a vehicle that allows them to make more informed education and career decisions. We have an extraordinary, well-qualified and growing team who work to ensure that our clients and their consumers are our number one priority.