Our products are in place to establish and preserve working relationships between our clients and consumers. Through a platform that encourages and helps manage these relationships, ClearTarget Media is working to help the success of both our clients and their consumers.

Our education related products are in place to assist a broad range of students advance their careers and knowledge. We help students make informed education and career decisions by providing information on schools and programs through an accessible and navigable online system.

Our Featured Products

  • 200+ Online & Career Schools
  • 200+ Subject Areas
  • 1,500+ Degree Programs
  • $2,500 in Yearly Scholarships
  • Career Guides, Financial Aid & Accreditation Info
  • Extensive Article Directory

  • Comprehensive Ultrasound Technician Guide
  • State Based School Listings
  • Specialized Career Guides
  • “How to” Article Directory
  • Extensive Salary Database